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Animal "testing"

Dear intelligent people of the world, don’t get shampoo in your eyes. It really stings. Now fucking stop torturing animals. ~ Ricky Gervais See? Real men actually speak up and out against cruelty and murder.

BTS Festa 2015 - Suga (Eng Translation)

BTS Festa 2015 - Suga (Eng Translation) this is Min Yoongi all the way!

At this point I just use Yoongi as height reference since I'm only 2cm shorter than him XD

Aww but they're still just as sweet Suga loves his dongsaengs so much and Jungkook may seem like an ungrateful little sht a lot of the time but he also respects and loves his hyungs a lot as well ❤️omg have same problem😂still tall fam tho

Tumblr Stuff #6 by vlade on Memecenter. Hilarious!

Oh my gosh the first one. Three kinds of people. I'm laughing so hard right now. The last one was hilarious too! 'Are you telling me some people are more banana than other people'