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several baskets hanging from the ceiling with flowers in them and other items on display behind them
Dried flower from
a kitchen filled with lots of pots and pans hanging from the ceiling next to shelves
a bunch of dried flowers are hanging on the wall above a table in a shop
25 Wild & Wonderful Floral Shops From Around the World
25 Wild & Wonderful Floral Shops From Around the World | Studio Choo West
a room filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants hanging from the wall
Brighten Up Your Lake Home with Dried Florals
Enjoy Spring all-year-round by incorporating dried florals into your lake home decor. Check out these tips for drying flowers and making arrangements.
an old fashioned wooden shelf with lots of items on it in a room filled with windows
Thanksgiving Tornado
Sharon Lovejoy-Vinegar and herbal mixes are waiting to be wrapped for the holidays.
a bird cage with four birds in it and a fan sitting on top of the cage
Notes on Seed Storage
seed drying racks like the ones we built in ecuador
an old wooden box with drawers full of flowers on the floor next to a bowl
Do you know you can dry your vegetables to keep them all winter?