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three different views of a wooden dresser with drawers and mirror on top, one in the middle
DIY: 6 Bathroom Pallet Projects Ideas - Casuable | Everyday blog
Repurposed pallet cabinets, shelves, signs, and racks are just a few of the implements making their way into the abode, adding a decidedly unique charm to everyday spaces. Pallets are good for designing your home, if you have a fairly narrow budget, you like to recycle old things or you would like to create a home …
a room with a door and some lights hanging from it's ceiling, surrounded by plants
Backyard DIY Projects: Glass Bottles
Bunglo Blog: Backyard DIY Projects: Glass Bottles
an outdoor oven in the middle of a room filled with hay and other items on display
Cob Cottage Company - Grounds Tour 8/2010
Straw bale and cob house, fireplace - links to many more pictures and a tour !! :D
an outdoor shower with stone walls and white towels
rustic outdoor shower
Outdoor shower by ajct
a bed in a room with wooden walls
En Güzel Ahşap Evler | En Güzel Evler
En güzel ahşap evler 13
a wooden sauna sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a chair and tree
Sauna Weather
i LOVE this!!! there is no other water therapy as cleansing and recalibarting as a sauna for me and the more steam the better.
a fire burning in a stone fireplace with a cloth draped over it's head
Why Reusable Bags Are Better For You AND The World - Natural Mavens
This is one of the many tiny hemp and lime bubble shelters designed and built by Evelyne Adam. More, including video, at
an old house with stairs leading up to it and a quote from william james on the outside
Las cabañas más hermosas del mundo
Beautiful Home !!
a blue house with a red roof surrounded by greenery