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a man and woman dressed in folk clothing standing next to each other with an ornate frame around them
an aerial view of a castle with the words slovensko je krasne
Slovensko je krásne (Kde sme natáčali DVD Kde bolo, tam bolo...)
a blue and white map with the words slovensko in russian on it
a sign with some writing on it in spanish and other languages that say i love you
two people dressed in traditional clothing and holding a flag on a gray background with text
Eslovacos vestidos con una bandera. Hombre: vector de stock (libre de regalías) 488613286 | Shutterstock
a shield with a cross on it and hearts in the middle, as well as a heart
Euro 2016 logo de l'équipe de la Slovaquie à colorier
an aerial view of the city of bratistlava, croatia with text overlay
Bratislava in 4K