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a black chair with an intricate design on it's back and seat cushion, in front of a white background
#Black: Awesome. It’s like a new spin on Morticia’s chair. http://ift.tt/2prgW8N
two different angles of a lamp with a bird on it's head and the light turned on
The perfect lamp does not exi-
an ornate chair with black velvet upholstered seat
Chroniken des Blutes und Absinth
an old chair sitting in the middle of a forest with no leaves on it's legs
The Crowley — Hellsing Furniture
an art piece hanging on the wall in a hallway with two doors open to it
Slideshow: East Meets West - South Sound Magazine
South Sound magazine's Northwest Idea House 2012: The home is full of art niches that add to the style of the space.
a wooden door with a tree carved into it
Door with glass | Ruben Guajardo, Woodworker