An Interview With Professional Artist Martin Beek

An Interview With Professional Artist Martin Beek

Tree drawing

Tree Drawings

Wytham woods, reed pen drawing

A drawing inspired by Van Gogh's reed pen drawings, I drew this in Graphite and pen from the motif then worked upon it with a reed pen.

Reed Pen drawing

This reed pen drawing measures 24 inches and is in Indian ink.Like many of my smaller sketches it is influenced by Vincent Van Gogh's pen drawings.

Graphite drawing

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Barbara for JKPP

Oil Pastels, My Drawings

Daybreak, Ipsden, Oxfordshire

Global Art, Winter Landscape, Visual Diary, My Drawings, Faber Castell, Etchings, Sketchbooks, Sketch Books

Oxford University Museum of Natural History (T Rex and Prince Albert)

Global Art, Prince Albert, Visual Diary, My Drawings, Natural History, Faber Castell, Oxford, Sketchbooks, University

Quiet Lane Ipsden, studies over nine months

These are examples from near the same place over the course of nine months (not in order) and some months missing!

Barbara (study) for JKPP

Charcoal and graphite with wash on paper.