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Estoy de regreso perra!❤✨ #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

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Almost died.

One of my fave scenes. And the one where Dean was on the airplane. Too funny! I love so much how when Dean says "that was scary" it's obvious that Jensen just couldn't keep it together and I love this scene so much

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Say Hello to the Supernatural Fandom. It's on my list of fandoms to become addicted to. Just as soon as I finish with Doctor Who and Firefly.//Might watch Firefly as soon as I have finished doctor who, merlin and supernatural (and GoT)

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Favorite gag reel moment (day 19) - season 6 gag reel - I think this is self-explainatory. I mean the boys being dorks is awesome

supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins purgatory am i kicked out of the fandom yet <--- this is actually from season gag reel. Jared is in there somewhere at some point if you watch the full thing