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The Sharpened Axe: A follow up to hewing....

The rubble trench is a cheap and effective foundation that combines drainage with load distribution. The basic principle of it has been around for thousands of years but American architect Frank Lloyd Wright brought it into the 20th century. More at

Neanderthal woodworking | Fine Woodworking Knots

how to build log cabins | tools used for log cabin construction ...

From Firewood to Board

The froe is an awesome tool that can stand in for long ripping cuts on straight-grained wood.

Carpenter Tools Vintage Dictionary Print - Common Tools Used by Carpenters Woodworking

This page from a 1940s dictionary shows Common Tools Used by Carpenters, showing everying from chisels to saws to drills to wrenches. A nice

Japanese Joinery - Shoji Screen Process

Angle Grinder Wheel This is a very Handy tool for Wood carving Removes material Quickly and safely if used correctly and the tool is Respected the same as a chainsaw