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[Is this wallpaper?] A nod and a wink to the great American pin-up queens and artists who inspired this design. These retro pin-up girls will brighten the gloomiest of days.

Coors Banquet Logo Illustrated by Steven Noble on Behance

Coors Brewing Company, along with Turner Duckworth, commissioned Steven Noble to update their logo for their new packaging labels, which included illustrating

n each city, we have a devoted local community that visit our portals regularly to find out about their local events. We generate millions of page views on our portals and through our partner sites and social media channels in the process.

Bianca Gobalesa EDT. (@bianca_gobalesa)

I have been looking at a lot of cut and paste art collages and for some reason I think you would like them! So I'm pinning to you 😊 Bianca Gobalesa EDT.