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I like where this is going! For those who know what this is, I love it!

So this girl gives Beiber a Death Note notebook and asked for his autograph. I've never seen the anime but I've had people tell me what it's about. This is hilarious! -Oh that poor girl never seeing Death Note

#Semidioses #Directioners #Infinitos #Pottericos #ViajerosDelTiempo #Tributos #FallenArchangels

I walked through the Harry Potter door years ago, and I will never look for an exit sign. (But you know any witch or wizard worth their salt could get through that brick wall in half a blink.

i actually want to know. Who do you think I would be with from Percy Jackson??? P.s. I'm daughter of Poseidon

I would make for some pretty boring fanfiction, but I've thought for years that it would be awesome to reach a level of notoriety where people write fic about me. Is that weird? (That's totally weird.