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three metal stars hanging from the side of a wind chime on a white background
Home Accessories, Posters & Frames
a wind chime with five different moon and stars hanging from it
Mobile Brass 70 x 100 cm – Artilleriet
a blue bird feeder hanging from a tree branch with beads and chains attached to it
Garden Wind Chime
a blue necklace hanging from a wooden post with beads and chains attached to the chain
Driftwood and Seashell Wind Chime by MessyWorkshop
three bell ornaments hanging from strings on the ceiling, each with different designs and colors
Interior Décor
Neutral Ceramic Bells by Invisible Twin Studio
Kay Morgan // leather mobile // coral
disco ball chandelier
three bells hanging from a tree in the woods
DIY Wind Chime Tutorial
Interstellar Collection | Coming Soon
Large glass and crystal suncatcher