Macinac Island Michigan

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an aerial view of a highway crossing over water
Detroit, MI: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
Straits of Mackinac Bridge - Bridge linking Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas.
a horse drawn carriage in front of a church
Little Stone Church, Mackinac Island
Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island, MI,
an arch in the side of a cliff with water and trees around it on a sunny day
Arch Rock,Mackinac Island
Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, MIchigan, USA
an aerial view of a small town by the water with people walking around and riding bikes
Mackinac Island, Michigan
a dining room with tables and chairs covered in white tablecloths, green striped chairs and silverware
Grand Dining Room, Grand Hotel Mackinac Island, Michigan
a row of white chairs sitting on the side of a building
That's a grand porch if I ever saw one ;-)
a red and white lighthouse sitting on top of a body of water
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island MI
a large white building with many windows and flowers in the foreground on a street
Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue... - Liz Marie Blog
Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island, Michigan
a map showing the location of macknac's island and its surrounding coastlines
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All three ferry lines, Shepler's, Arnold and Star Line, have docks in both St. Ignace and Mackinaw City for their ferries to Mackinac Island, MI.
two horses are pulling a carriage down the street in front of a white building with american flags on it
Mackinac Island Horses
Mackinac Island
an arch in the side of a mountain with water below it and trees around it
Mackinac Island: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
Mackinac Island Photos - Featured Images of Mackinac Island, Mackinac County - TripAdvisor
many bicycles are lined up on the grass
Mackinaw Island, MI
an old stone arch in the middle of a forest with trees on both sides and a wooden fence around it
Arch Rock on Mackinac Island, MI
two horses pulling a carriage down the road in front of a large white house with an american flag on it
Mackinac Island
a restaurant with green and white striped chairs, tablecloths and plates on the tables
The Dining Room at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island - JoeyBLS Photography
The dining room at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Photo by @Joey Lax-Salinas