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bismuth-209, a half life of 1.9 x 10^19 years, more than a billion times the age of the universe.

Bismuth, a REAL heavy metal, (mostly) stable and non-toxic , with a half life of billion years, dude. This stuff is awesome. I'm definitely going to look into this Great link.

Beretta 92 addiction

Beretta 92 addiction Thanks to punk ass Obama now "we"have to take charge of our own safety. "We" I mean honest, loving people tolerant of all faiths and cultures. - minerals specimens, mineral specimens, minerals collecting, high quality minerals, fluorite, tourmaline

Powellite on Scolecite (calcium molybdate) from Maharashtra, India.

Deep Green Veszelyite

Gorgeous Geology Terminated and lustrous crystals of blue-green Veszelyite from Black Pine Mine, Philipsburg, Granite County, Montana, USA.