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This is a collection of my favourite illustrators that someone shaped and influenced my own illustrations.
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Alice Pattullo, Heritage style hand printed portrait illustration

Alice Pattullo

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Notes to Jacob Bladders and the State of the Art – Medium
Illustrations for the New Yorker, NYT & other places by Roman Muradov, via Behance  I just read that Roman Muradov is colour blind. I'm stunned!
Roman Muradov (Boomfest collaboration part one! I drew a...)

Roman Muradov

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Behance :: 搜尋

Barbara Dziadosz

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Here We Come // Mary Kate McDevitt
Ready or Not. on Behance

Mary Kate McDevitt

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Drew some couples for a project that ended up getting killed. ❤️
Abbey Lossing on Instagram: “a few palette studies with this dog & owner duo 🎨”

Abbey Lossing

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Personal • Pups! - Lydia Nichols Illustration

Lydia Nichols

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Gargantua & Pantagruel on Behance

Irene Rinaldi

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Guilherme Karsten
Readers hear first-hand from King Tutankhamun how he became the ruler of ancient Egypt at the tender age of nine, and what it was like to be rudely awakened from the afterlife by British Egyptologist Howard Carter in 1922. They'll endure him bragging about his collection of blingy 18-carat gold sandals, and wonder how to discern fake news from the truth surrounding Tut’s mysteriously premature death.Naunton's expert text is accompanied by Guilherme Karsten's illustrations, giving the boy King a

Guilherme Karsten

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Globe and Mail Sam Kalda illustration
Goethe Institut Poster
Sam Kalda (@sam_kalda) • Instagram photos and videos

Sam Kalda

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Movie Poster Movement
Paul Blow — Handsome Frank Illustration Agency
paul blow, illustration, bold, colorful, humor, upper playground

Paul Blow

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You Are What You Eat on Behance
Various Illustrations/Summer 2015 on Behance

Gosia Herba

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Sonny Ross

Sonny Ross

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Tom Froese

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This is a very flat illustration using block colours #flatillustration

Iker Ayestaran

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Explore Magazine — Lisk Feng
Highly Illogical Behavior — Lisk Feng
These are some editorial works for Life Magazine from China.

Lisk Feng

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люди в картинках : bookvart — ЖЖ


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a drawing of birds flying over a house and fenced in area with grass, flowers and trees
Anna and Varvara Kendel
a painting of boats and ships in the water next to a city with tall buildings
Martin Haake | Illustration
Martin Haake | Illustration | Central Illustration Agency
an image of a red brick building with blue shutters on the front and side
Alice Pattullo - Design Crush
Alice Pattullo
three people riding on a bike with mountains in the background
Travel Leisure — Lisk Feng
Travel Leisure — Lisk Feng
a woman laying on top of a rock next to the ocean with birds flying over it
Anna and Varvara Kendel
Анна и Варвара Кендель на бехансе
a person is walking in the snow near some trees and a lake with red balloons
a painting of a girl in the water with grass and flowers on her back, looking out to sea
Allow yourself the time to spend at least a day a week walking. - Steve Sorensen
an illustration of a cow pulling a baby in a stroller on the grass with other animals nearby
an image of people in the sky surrounded by objects
Shanghai Xintiandi — Lisk Feng
a man and woman sitting on a couch drinking tea together, with an umbrella in the background
Secular weddings - T magazine
Secular weddings - T magazine on Behance
two people standing next to each other in front of a white background, one wearing glasses and the other with a hat on his head
Explore Magazine — Lisk Feng
Explore Magazine — Lisk Feng
an illustration of a woman with a veil on her head and necklaces around her neck
Alice Pattullo | Illustration
Alice Pattullo, Heritage style hand printed portrait illustration
a white bird sitting on top of a pink and blue background with words above it
Alice Pattullo’s Alphabet
an old brick building with flags flying in the air