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Merovingian Dynasty - Christianity was introduced to the Franks by their contact with Gallo-Romanic culture and later further spread by monks. The most famous of these missionaries is St. Columbanus, an Irish monk who enjoyed great influence with Queen Balthild. Merovingian kings and queens used the newly forming ecclesiastical power structure to their advantage. Monasteries and episcopal seats were shrewdly awarded to elites who supported the dynasty.

Frankish Empire 481 to 814 Map showing Charlemagne's additions (in light green) to the Frankish Kingdom. Mystery of History Volume Lesson 37

Bible Need To Know: Mark | NewSpring Church

Bible Need To Know is recurring feature that looks at the story behind the stories in the Bible. Use this infographic to help you understand the book of Mark. We'd love to hear what you're learning along the way! Send us an email

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These are high quality Bible maps that cover all the major cities and stories through out the bible.

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Resurrection Mini Book in color and B/W Jesus is Crucified and He Lives Again! Extended lesson with printables