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Scripture Reference: Acts Story Overview: King Herod (King of the Jewish people) persecuted Christians and ordered the arrest of the apostle, Peter. The whole church was very afraid so they…

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Spelling 2 - Instead of students using their spelling words in a sentence for homework. This Spelling Menu gives students more freedom and options in their spelling homework. Students must choose a different menu item every night of the week for homework.

THE MAN WHO REWROTE THE BIBLE AND CUT THE ROMAN EMPIRE IN HALF! Emperor Constantine is well known for moving his capital to Byzantium (renamed Constantinople). Not as well known, was his Council of Nicea. There he held a huge confab to craft a version of Christianity that would suit his purpose as the official Imperial religion. The council worked thru biblical chapters, omitting and including. For tax collection purposes, the passage beginning "Render unto Caesar..." was ascribed to Jesus.

The Roman Empire (latin: Imperium romanum) is the name given to the ancient Roman domination which took place between 27 BC and 476 AD. During this period of five centuries

This is a map showing the Roman Empire at its greatest extent. This was reached in the year 117CE under the emperor Trajan.

Map of The Roman Empire During New Testament Times. The map shows the Roman Empire during its greatest extent during the time of the Emperor Trajan in 116 AD. He pushed to the Persian Gulf and even Susa wishing to exceed Alexander's empire.

[FREE] Printable Easter Story Trivia Game

Check out My Joy-Filled Life's free printable Easter story trivia game! In this Jeopardy-style trivia game, all of the questions are based on the Easter story and have Bible references.