Oh kitty noses. They're small and pink and they've been everywhere. The catnip jar. Their friends' butts. I like to kiss kitty noses.

Huskies LOVE to play, particularly in the snow. While they thrive in cold climates, their coats also protect them from the heat. Huskies don't sweat through the skin: they sweat from their tongues and feet. The WORST thing you can do to a Husky in the summer is shave them. It takes away their ability to mitigate the heat and stay cool.

Amazing shot of a beautiful blue-eyed Siberian Husky running through deep snow…

A Wine Barrel Dog Bed @Joyce Novak Novak Dyer i think you need to make this happen for murph!

A Wine Barrel Dog Bed. Does anyone have an empty wine barrel laying around that they don't need? My Siberian Husky Clyde would just love this!

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