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a black shirt that says i like to stay in bed it's too people outside
I wish i could...!
a snoopy dog laying on top of a red blanket with the words, there is a lot that is god in your life don't take it for
Enjoy your day and be grateful for the small things in life! Peace <3 Ivonne Teoh.
a cartoon character hugging a snoopy dog with the caption, life is short so do the things that make you happy be with those who make you happy
the words are written in different languages on a red and purple background with an image of a woman's face
Diplomat je člověk, který Vás pošle do prdele takovým způsobem, že se budete na ten výlet dokonce těšit.
a black and white photo with the words nevin, jaks se chovat na svj vek
Nevím, jak se chovat na svůj věk... Nikdy jsem tak stará nebyla!
a brick wall with some writing on it
an ornate frame with the words nad tarou sa blyska
snoopy reading books with the caption sorry i'm booked
words, an anthology of short writings [book]
an image of a cartoon dog laying on top of a red box that says let's canel monday
It's not the day of the week that is a problem. It's the time of the day that is "alarming".