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True Stories of HERO Pit Bulls - This one in particuar was so amazing and awe-inspiring! Almost cried happy tears! And in my opinion there are not "good or bad breeds," there can be bad dogs, but those who raised the are responsible. Just my opinion!

Baby, Pit Bull, Saves Family And Its Dogs From Fire love family animals dogs dog amazing story animal pets stories heart warming pit bulls pit bull

Meet Faith.

A dog named Faith. This woman is a saint for helping this sweet dog learn to thrive! Such a sweet favorite photos are Faith around this woman's neck and the guy kneeling down looking directly into his eyes! This story tugs at my heart strings.

Different kinds of cats. My fav. Is grumpy cat

Funny pictures about Snow Cat and the Seven Kittens. Oh, and cool pics about Snow Cat and the Seven Kittens. Also, Snow Cat and the Seven Kittens.