Saint Petersburg

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an aerial view of a city street with people walking and cars driving on the road
Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург (Russia)
an aerial view of a city street at dusk
Пантелеймоновская церковь
Пантелеймоновская церковь — National Geographic Россия
a man is standing in an alleyway with his back to the camera and looking up
Szukam Chlopaka M Jak Miłość Nowe Odcinki
Saint Petersburg, Russia
a statue of an angel holding a cross
"В действительности всё несколько иначе,чем на самом деле.."
Александр Петросян
a bridge over a body of water with buildings in the background and a lamp post
St. Petersburg, Russia
a large building with a golden dome on top in front of other buildings and trees
St Petersburg, Russia
a street light covered in snow next to a bridge with buildings on both sides and a sky filled with clouds
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St. Petersburg, Russia
an ornately decorated pillar in the middle of a room
Inside The Terem Palace. Russian mosaic oven, Moscow Kremlin
an ornate church with chandeliers and paintings on the walls
SAINT ISAAC'S CATHEDRAL~ Saint Petersburg, Russia.
the cathedral is reflecting in the water
84 Church of the Savior on Blood in Saint Petersburg (Russia)
St. Petersburg, Russia
two people holding umbrellas walking in front of an old building with ornate designs on it
Rainy autumn day in St. Petersburg, Russia
an illustrated map of the city of london with lots of buildings and water in it
Map of St. Petersburg, #Russia, beautiful colors, clear and nice pespective!
a mosaic style vase with a woman's face and flowers on the front, sitting on a white surface
Kasia Polkowska Art
Mosaic Matryoshka Sculpture (front view), mosaic by Kasia Polkowska, sculpture by Kyle Cunniff, 24" high, 2011
an image of a city with the words escape to st petersburg, russian on it
Anti-Cafés and Non-Museums in Saint Petersburg
Things to do while visiting St. Petersburg, Russia - including the best anti-cafes and alternative museums!