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there is a doll house with strawberries in the room
Tiny tackroom by todipower on DeviantArt
there is a cat litter box in the corner next to a toilet and other items
Schleich Voerkamer - Schleich HORSE CLUB idee om te maken <3
a toy horse and rider on wooden floor
Petit escalier pour monter à cheval
a miniature wooden bench with two flags on it
an open suitcase filled with lots of toy horses and other toys on top of a wooden floor
Nach knapp 2 Jahren noch immer voll in Benutzung und keine "Ausfälle" am Material.
an image of some kind of wooden structure on the table with other items in front of it
two people are riding horses in an indoor arena with barrels on the ground, and one person is sitting on a horse
an aerial view of a farm with cows and horses