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a person holding a paint brush in front of a wall with white lines on it
When It’s OK to Paint Over Wallpaper (and How to Do It Right)
Snacks, Nutrition, Health, Food Storage, Healthy Eating, Paleo, Smoothies, Healthy Recipes, Fruits And Veggies
How to Store Fruits + Vegetables to Make Them Last Longer
Finally There's An Easy Way To Clean Off Your White Shoes To Make Them Look Brand New Again
How To Get White Shoes White Again
two bags are hanging on the wall next to each other, and one bag is wrapped in plastic
65 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier
The fastest way to pack a closet. This also keeps your clothes on their hangers, for much faster unpacking. Hang in closet when you arrive and tear off the bag and you are done! This would also work for off season storage.
an open blue suitcase with the words 10 hacks for packing your suitcase on it
The Right Way To Pack A Suitcase
Need help Packing? Check out these #travelhack infographic. Some of the tips are pretty good! #travel
the different colors of paint for every room in the house
15 Gorgeous Palettes That Celebrate the Color Blue (All Designer-Approved!)
Committing to a new paint color is scary. We asked a group of pros to share their go-to hues—from soft and soothing to rich and splashy—so that you can find the ideal one for every room.
the road trippin'sign is shown in front of an ocean and rocky coastline
Road Trip Tips
Travel blogger and photographer Gary Arndt shares tips on lesser-known national parks and unusual places to stay.
a woman is sitting on the couch with her luggage and smiling at the camera while she holds
Packing the Perfect Carry-On
A must-read for summer travelers! How to pack the perfect carry-on | @halliekwilson
the back cover of backpacking europe hotels and travel guide
Bakpak Dave's Backpacking Europe Hostels & Travel Guide
Download Bakpak Dave's free and popular Backpacking Europe Hostels and Travel Guide is packed with info for traveling around Europe on a budget. It includes over 400 hostel listings, tons of cheap and free things to do plus money-saving tips on local transportation, attractions and more!
the ultimate round the world packing list for travel fashion girl, including clothing and accessories
Travel Essentials Packing List: Pack Like a Pro
The Travel Essentials Packing List - Travel Fashion Girl
the inside of a wine bar with tables and stools in front of shelves filled with bottles
Five Wine Bars in Florence - Melange Travel
Five Wine Bars to Visit in Florence Italy
many different colored shirts are on display together
Plum Deluxe: Home of the Best Monthly Tea Subscription Service
Much like visiting the city's famous museums and churches, shopping in Florence is simultaneously overwhelming and fantastic. From outdoor markets to the city's famous fashion houses, the choices a...
an image of clothes and shoes for europe
Italy + France Honeymoon: Packing
Packing for Europe. 3 weeks in one carry-on. From what I learned the hard way from studying abroad, I need to learn to pack better.
hand holding four pieces of paper with clothes on them
Planning a Travel Wardrobe
What an awesome way to plan a travel wardrobe, it helps to be able to see exactly what you're planning to put together for each event
an image of clothes for backpacking in different countries and colors, with text overlay
Backpacking travel outfits! Created by KateLynn Beutler on Polyvore Could easily be modified for more practical shoes.