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a potted plant with small green leaves growing out of it's top end
Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How to Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home 2
a woman walking through a greenhouse filled with potted plants
A well traveled woman: Photo
Country house living - the perfect greenhouse.
the door is painted purple and blue with clouds in the sky on it's side
Brooklyn green door | Brooklyn green door | Copyright anahi DeCanio @ ArtyZen Studios all rights reserved. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
an old door painted with red flowers on the side of a brick wall in front of a green plant
The door
amazing door painted for enjoyment by all
the inside of an old building with lots of windows and plants growing on it's sides
Glamour e Glacê - Fashion, Food and Fun
Glamour e Glacê: Casa: Paredes de Vidro
a poster with different types of writing on it's sides and the words written in each
Brilliant vegetable garden tips, tricks and hacks for starters
plantas amarelados
several pictures of different types of shade structures
Backyard Shade : 9 Clever DIY Ideas
9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard Oasis • Ideas, tutorials and some creative ways to bring shade to your backyard!:
a candle in a glass bottle hanging from a chain
50 Coolest DIY Pendant Lights
Cute, but there must be something you could use for the tealight holder that doesn't require drilling?
an outdoor shelf made out of pallets with plants growing on top and below it
15 DIY Vertical Gardening Projects For Small Space Gardening
Vertical Garden Wall | DIY Vertical Gardening & Projects for Small Space Gardening #DIYReady on the deck... would be easy to grab herbs for dinner
how to grow avocado tree in a pot
How to Plant an Avocado Tree From a Seed: 2 Easy Ways
How to Grow an avocado tree in a pot
the ingredients for this recipe include bananas, carrots, and other foodstuffs
Fresh Eggs Daily
Instead of using commercial fertilizers and plant food, why not use some scraps from your kitchen that would otherwise end up in the trash or compost bin to amend and improve your garden soil naturally? Inexpensive and easy, these are my favorite ways to get my garden ready for spring planting. Eggshells, banana peels, Epsom salts, coffee grounds. Find out more at
there are many pictures of vegetables and herbs in the window sill, including broccoli
DIY Projects and Crafts
DIY Projects and Crafts
various herbs and water in glass jars with text overlay that reads 10 delicious herbs you can grow indoors in water all year long
25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water
10 Delicious Herbs You Can Grow Indoors In WATER All Year Long