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To, že chémia nie je žiadna nuda, už ste u nás videli. Dajte si ďalšie fascinujúce reakcie, ktoré tromfnú aj počítačové megaefekty!

Belousov Zhabotinsky reactions “ The BZ reaction makes it possible to observe development of complex patterns in time and space by naked eye on a very convenient human time scale of dozens of seconds.

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21 wish list-worthy gadgets

Beat Bottle: Built with a slot to hold your iPhone, this speaker and water bottle combo amplifies music through the base, so you can—quite literally—drink in your favorite tunes. Coolest thing ever?

Cool Microsoft project: Make Every Surface a Touch Screen

Make Every Surface a Touch Screen : Wearable Multitouch Interaction gives users the ability to make an entire wall a touch surface, while PocketTouch enables users to interact with smartphones inside a pocket or purse, a small surface area for touch.