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Guys this is Sam and Dean in the Impala that has been mistaken for a hipster photo how has no on noticed this

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But I always question whether I am truly right because I feel like there is always someone smarter than me who for sure knows the answer and I chicken out on raising my hand.

I usually whisper/mumble the answer and if the teacher hears me he goes *excitedly* : Wha- what did you say) and I'm All *repeats answer a tiny bit louder, baffled that he hears me*

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I guess anxiety is there for me. Before this post i thought im this way because im anxious when i know people can watch me sleeping. <<< i knEW rhere was a reason i do that

The Portrait Of An Artist “Vincent Van Gogh” | Bored Panda

The Egyptian Vincent Van Gogh, Mousa, is a gardener that works in Alexandria’s public parks. “I spotted whilst walking through the streets of