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three iphone screens with different avatars on them
NFT Marketplace Mobile App
three mobile screens showing different books on the same page, including one for children and one for adults
e-Book Store App
two cell phones with the text give us a chance to personalize your journey
Sports Diary App
two smartphone screens showing the same screen size as well as an image of anime characters
Movie App | Design Exploration
two iphone screens showing the same person's profile on their phone, one with an email
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two iphones with different emoticions on them
two iphones with the same page displayed on them, one is open and the other is closed
E- Learning App
two iphones with different images on them
Travel App
two iphone screens with different images on them
Different choices
three iphone screens showing different images and texting on the same screen as well as an image of someone's artwork
Sosmad - Social Media App
three mobile screens showing different business activities
Dareng - Online Course Mobile App
two mobile phones with the text morning medulators on them and an image of people's heads
Insight Circles
an image of a bunch of different app screens
Registration Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
two screens showing different messages on the same page, one with an image of people
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