Range of motions

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three different positions of the body to lie down
Breathing, Rib Flare, and Winged Scapulae: The Factors That Can Affect a Client's Shoulder
the foot is shown with measurements for different feet and toes, as well as an image of
The Ankle • Military Disability Made Easy
an image of a man's body with different postures
Cardinal Planes and Axes of Movement
the knee region is shown with lines pointing in different directions and points to each other
The Knee and Lower Leg • Military Disability Made Easy • #1 in Veterans Disability
the instructions for how to do an arm stretch
a person with their arm extended and pointing at the numbers in front of them on a white background
Joint Range of Motion Measurements Flashcards
a diagram showing the position of the leg and foot in order to perform an acupraition
ROM measurement
a diagram of the wrist and hand with directions to different points of view on it
(11112_06A) Flexion and Extension of Wrist Joint
a diagram of the elbow with different lines and points to each side, including one pointing at
a person holding out their hand with the words flexon of elbow on it and an arrow pointing to the right
Joint Range of Motion Measurements Flashcards
the diagram shows how to do an exercise with legs and arms, including one leg
a man standing in front of a white background with the words flexion and extension of shoulder
Joint Range of Motion Measurements Flashcards