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nice How to Distress Your Jeans at Home by http://www.danaz-home-decor.xyz/diy-crafts-home/how-to-distress-your-jeans-at-home/

Diy ripped jeans - If patience isn't your thing, nor is the idea of mass-manufactured holes, we put together an easy step-by-step guide on how to distress your jeans at home.

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I think I already pinned this holo-hair, but it's just so cool I had to pin it twice, JIC - PEARLS :) DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors - Page 2 of 5 - Trend To Wear

Location: generally, a connection made in the upper cartilage of the ear made between two piercings: one close to the head in a forward helix position and one o

Location: through the small nub-like protrusion that covers the opening of the ear canal Jewelry: initially, a straight barbell or captive ring will be used ran

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Types of Nose Piercings- I want (and WILL get) a septum piercing. I actually want which I'm wondering if it will work for me, and I had my nose pierced twice, but it annoyed me, and so I took them out.

Werkstoffe 1 Tasse Sand 1/2 tbsp Maisstärke 1 TL Spülmittel Wasser (nach Bedarf) Optional * Lebensmittelfarbe Richtungen Schritt 1: In einer Schüssel mischen feinen Sand und Maisstärke zusammen. Schritt 2: Fügen Sie Seife und Wasser hinzu und mischen Sie sich gut, bis gut gemischt. Schritt 3: Fügen Sie Lebensmittelfarbe, wenn Sie möchten! Schritt 4: 1-2 Stunden trocknen lassen. Schritt 5: Spiel starten!

Materials 1 cup sand tbsp cornstarch 1 tsp dish soap water (as needed) Optional* Food coloring Directions Step In a bowl, mix fine sand and cornstarch together. Step Add dish soap and water, and combine thoroughly until well mixed. Step Add f