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a kitchen with the words how to start organizing a messy house 7 steps in front of it
Don't miss these 7 expert steps to organize a messy house!
How to Start Organizing a Messy House: 7 Steps
a couch with clothes on it and the text 8 questions to help you declutter
25 Cheat Sheets For Taking Care Of Yourself Like A Damn Adult
For getting the shit out of your life: | 25 Cheat Sheets For Taking Care Of Yourself Like A Damn Adult - BuzzFeed News
the ultimate guide to choosing clothes for your body type infographical poster - click to enlarge
How to Organize your Closet?
I personally LOVE organizing and then re-organizing my closet... anyone else?
an info board with instructions on how to use the flow chart for your clothing line
Allison Clapp Fuentes
Good way to figure out what you don't need in your closet.
a flow diagram showing how to wed out your closet for less than $ 10 per hour
Practicing Aparigraha and Weeding Out Your Closet — YOGABYCANDACE
How to Unclutter your Closet - Do you ever just inexplicably hang on to stuff, unable to part with it? In yoga, letting go and the feeling of non-attachment is called aparigraha - it's the practice of evaluating what you really need and letting go of excess. This chart was designed to help you reevaluate what's in your closet.
a stack of folders sitting on top of a desk
Get Organized in 2017 with Free Printables
Is 2017 the year you plan to finally get your home in order? Get organized in 2017 with free printables. I'm sharing 29 printables to help you out.
an info sheet showing different types of boats
Good to know! - Awesome
Good to know!
a calendar with the words clean house in red and black, on a white background
A blog about a house wife
Fillable and Printable Cleaning Calendar
an iphone is next to a smart light bulb and the other one is turned on
Hack Your Electric Bill
Save electricity