Our delicous and yummy desserts
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Chocolate fondant with white chocolate mousse and strawberry & mint tartare with cocoa streusel

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Our Valentine's Day special at Mercado - Vanilla crème brûlée with fresh raspberries, raspberry sauce, chia seeds and Italian meringue <3

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Ginger cheesecake wtih orange and aperol liqueur jelly, segments and reduction from pink grapefruit

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Chocolate-nut cake with home-made sorbet

Chocolate mousse with raspberry paste, forest fruit and caramel straw

Spring special - selection of strawberries with white chocolate mousse, cacao crumbles and chia seeds <3

Parsley granita with fresh berries, white chocolate crumbs and caramel sorbet.

Pineapple & yogurt - marinated pineapple with pistachio crumbs, pineapple gel and yogurt sorbet.

Chocolate & popcorn - chocolate cake with peanut crumbs, hot coffee sauce and popcorn ice cream

Tiramisu Primi - traditional recipe à la Primi .

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