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an image of some sort of artwork with words in the middle and pictures above it
Feysand #feyre #rhysand #acotar #acourtofthornsandroses #nightcourt #velaris
Films, Saga, Fandom, Fantasy Books, Thorns, Throne Of Glass, Acotar Funny
a black background with gold lettering and an image of a mountain in the middle, surrounded by leaves
Velaris ✨🌌
Acotar 🌌
two people standing on top of a mountain looking at the stars
A Court of Thorns and Roses Velaris wallpaper
“To the stars who listen, and the dreams that are answered” A Court of Thorns and Roses Velaris #wallpaper #acotar
a painting with stars and water in the sky
Camino a Velaris ✨
Acotar ✨🌌
an altered collage with images and text
#acotarseries #acotaraesthetic #acotar #wallpaper #wallpapercollage #wallpapers #vibes #vibe #books #booksaesthetic #acotarnightcourt #booktok #bookshuffles #bookish
a couple kissing in front of a star with the words, to the stars who listen
a drawing of a woman with long hair and braids, wearing black armor on her shoulders
two people standing next to each other in front of a red and black cityscape
Manga, Female Characters, Female Art, Character Portraits, Vampire, Fanart
Stalking Jack the Ripper Wallpaper
a collage of photos with the names of people in them and some pictures on it
an open book with text on it and the caption'this is when rhys fell in love '
When Rhys fell in love with Feyre🥰
two people stand in front of a bird statue with blood dripping from its beaks
Lucien, Feyre & Tamlin - ACOTAR