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a painting is laying on the grass in front of it's frame, with an image of two women and a dog
Radha Krishna painting
UUploaded on my YouTube channel " Rs art tutorial " Go and watch this video
a painting of a woman with a flute
a painting of two peacocks with one being kissing the other's forehead and another is wearing a headdress
"Neela Vannan" art by artist Miru
Srinathji Pichwai Painting by Debopriya Dey
Paint this Wooden Base with me (Ig: @gurpreetgillbrar)
Difficulty: Medium Materials • Wooden Base • Gesso • Acrylic Paints • Gellyroll pen white • Paint Brushes • Varnish
two plates with designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a gray background
Pichwai Plates