65 Pins
a painting on the side of a building with animals and trees in it's center
an old stone structure in the middle of a park with steps leading up to it
Roman style pagoda with pillars and trellis work roof
Roman or Greek style outdoor building in pagoda style
a white gazebo sitting on top of a lush green park
Hallie Mae Memorial Chapel, Cast stone monument, with Corinthian columns over pedestals, with a custom niche between, and planters for finials over balustrade and newel piers. Stone Legends Architectural Cast Stone (600x361)
some very pretty old looking vases in the grass with trees in the back ground
Gate piers aligned, Newton Surmaville House, Yeovil
Gate piers aligned, Newton Surmaville House, Yeovil
a row of white pillars sitting on top of a brick walkway next to a lush green field
Chadsworth Columns Photo Gallery
two paintings depicting the creation of sun and moon in different stages of life, with trees on either side
Miniature of a Raising Sun and a Black Sun (Sol Niger) setting on the outskirts of a city from ‘Splendor Solis’ (The Splendour of the Sun) a German illuminated alchemical treatise , dated 1582
an ancient painting of a woman holding a bow and arrow
Roman fresco depicting Diana the huntress recovered from Vesuvian Ash in Stabiae 1st century BCE-1st century CE (22)
an intricately designed wallpaper with blue and green leaves on the bottom half of it
an open door sitting in the middle of a room
ptl430 n.2 door lacquered with frame, h 230 cm x l 135 cm x p 6 cm - SIMONE MARRO: antique doors and main doors in Cuneo, Torino, Piedmont, Italy