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Viola scroll design next to the almost finished scroll. {More About the Violas} Lashof Violins Viola Instrument, Violin Makers, Making Musical Instruments, Electric Violin, Cigar Box Guitar, Learn To Play Guitar, Oboe, Guitar Building, Scroll Design

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Today we are enjoying a 'Renaissance of the viola', the modern instrument, however, remains unexplored by current violin and viola makers.

My Tool Board with various carving and violin making tools- chisels, arching gouges, scroll gouges, reamers, etc. Russell Hopper Violin Maker- ______________________ -ITALIA-LOMBARDIA: La città di Cremona by Francesco -Welcome and enjoy- frbrun

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It has never been easier for woodworking newbies to get information about their new hobby. There are so many resources to get information about woodworking from tool lists to detailed project instructions. Still, sometimes all you need is some advice to...

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This photograph from the shows the hands of violin maker Kitty Smith shaping a violin with a tiny plane. Piano Music, My Music, Violin Repair, Violin Family, Violin Makers, Opera Music, Invisible Cities, Art Of Manliness, Book Projects

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Note the centre clamp rather than screwing to plywood

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Francis Beaulieu added 20 new photos to the album: A pair of viols after Henry Jaye.

The sound of the cello expresses intimacy, warmth, fullness and is at the same time lyrical, tragic, epic and melancholic. How can all this be achieved?

La construcción de un violonchelo, Building a Cello ("Els Secrets de la Casa del So")

XAVIER VIDAL I ROCA S.L. ( Precioso documental realizado por Laura Vidal en el que se repasa la creación de un violonchelo de princip...

The Way To Learn Acoustic guitar: An Program For Starters

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BOW (names of parts) In music, a bow is moved across some part of a musical instrument, causing vibration which the instrument emits as sound. The vast majority of bows are used with string instruments, although some bows are used with musical saws and other bowed idiophones.(Mt)