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embroidery kit with scissors and thread on white table next to colorful yarn, needles and spools
I have a whole heap of LOVE in my heart for you guys I have the best customers! The past few days I've been a little under the weather and it's set me back and stressed me out. I so appreciate your patience and support! A handful of orders went out yesterday and there are more to follow in the next day or so. I'm getting back on ma game! BIG love to each of you
the silhouette of a woman in a ball gown is drawn on graph paper with black and white lines
���� #105 - ����� ����� ������������� - Olgakam
Gallery.ru / Фото #115 - Схемы Ирины Шерстобитовой - Olgakam
a cross stitch panda bear with bamboo in it's paws, holding onto a branch
a cross stitch picture of a woman with a red coat and black hat holding a clock
Zz - P
the eiffel tower is shown in this cross - stitch pattern, and it's very nice to see
a cross stitch rose with green leaves on it
a cross stitch pattern with an image of the starr sky and some other items on it
���� #21 - Kram z robotkami 2003-04 - tymannost
Gallery.ru / Фото #21 - Kram z robotkami 2003-04 - tymannost
a cross - stitch pattern of a woman's face with blue hair and eyes
���� #1 - ����� ��� �������,�� �������� � ��������. - GoTika
Gallery.ru / Фото #1 - Делаю для Хомяков,но поделюсь с друзьями. - GoTika