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a vase filled with water and berries on top of a moss covered ground next to a fern
Distilling The Essence Of The Forest: Ent Draught — The Wondersmith
two glasses filled with pink liquid on top of a white marble table next to gold straws
Iced Hibiscus Latte
I have been indulging in way too many chai lattes, iced teas, and just sweet drinks in general lately – normally I’m just a water all day type of person. I’m trying (barely) to cu…
the instructions for how to make candy corn cups
Baking and Decorating Since 1929
Candy Corn Infused Vodka - perfect for Halloween parties!
there are many desserts with strawberries in them on the tray and ready to be eaten
Chocolate Shot Glasses with Peanut Butter Mousse
White Chocolate Shot Glasses with Strawberry Mousse
champagne jello cups with gold glitter rims and spoon in them on a table
Champagne Jello Cups
Easy champagne jello recipe that would be a perfect dessert for New Year’s Eve!
this is an advertisement for jelly rancher shop glasses, with images of different colors and shapes
Edible Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses Are Surprisingly Easy to Make
All you need is a silicone shot glass mold, a handful of Jolly Ranchers, an oven, and nine minutes.
cookies and cream cookie shots are being poured in a glass
Cookies and Cream Cookie Shots
Cookies and Cream Cookie Shots!
two glasses filled with liquid and strawberries next to each other on a wooden table
Moscato Slush Recipe - Jordan's Easy Entertaining
Moscato Slush recipe - a refreshing and easy cocktail for your Summer get togethers | Jordan's Onion
a woman is cutting up grapefruits with a pair of scissors on the table
Anthropologie - Women's Clothing, Accessories & Home
Floral Fridays: Peppered Rose Cocktail. Now on the blog.
champagne and peach sangria in a pitcher with fresh fruit garnish on the rim
Just Peachy Champagne Spritzer. | | Perfect patio summer drink. In about 3 minutes. #how I summer.
pink and white flowers are placed on two small plates with gold rims, sitting on a table
Friday Favorites
caramel cheesecake martini in a goblet garnished with graham crackers
Caramel Cheesecake Martini
Caramel Cheesecake Martini Recipe: This is my new evening drink.
three glasses filled with different types of drinks on a table next to lemons and strawberries
Garden Tonic Punch
This Garden Tonic is my favorite punch to serve at parties! Bright, flavorful, and so easy to whip up!
coconut cream martini is served in coupe glasses
Coconut Cream Martini - A Night Owl Blog
Happy National Coconut Torte Day! Make a Coconut Cream Martini with Blue Chair Bay Rum to celebrate!
a cupcake with sprinkles on it sitting next to colorful streamers
Birthday Cake Shot + Blogiversary
A fun and easy shot recipe for a Birthday Cake Shot made from vodka, frangelico, and lemon. //