Chris McCandless

Chris McCandless

Komárno / Hi. My real name is Ricsi . I'm from Slovakia but my nationality is Hungarian. I like moovies, photos, paintings,music, books, nature.
Chris McCandless
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The Kurt Cobain Smoking Poster is a dorm supply that's a fun poster for college. Items for college like rock music posters are necessary supplies for college for music and Nirvana lovers. The best dorm posters are cheap posters that are dorm wall decor.

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"And I picture a sober awakening, a re-entry into this little bar scene Sip my drink til the ice hits my lip Order another round And that's it for now Sorry Never been too good at happy endings.

When you realize its better to be alone than to chase people who dont really care about you. more funny pics on facebook:

Your life will get better when you realize it`s better to be alone than to chase people who don`t really care about you.