Myroslava Horlo
Viac nápadov od Myroslava
Solar Heater Diagram. How to build one at Mother Earth News
Whole house mechanical heat recovery ventilation system
Sometimes each artist feels the need to make projects for his soul. But not always has time for it. Here are my thoughts about apartments somewhere in Paris.
ruffled cake - Charity Maurer
Studio Minale Maeda, Keytones table (first prototype), 2014, Collection Vitra Design Museum.
Схема технологический решений пассивного дома
Snow and ice are beautiful, but they can cause damage if you don’t winterize your home. Save money and stress and winterize your home.
Passive House- waaaaay more efficient than a LEED certified Green Building
So open & free! Extending the 2nd ensuite bedroom to the outer left area of the garden; replacing the patio pergola simultaneously.