My World Project- Kid World Citizen...really love this

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

help kids understand diff between city, state, country. ** great project to help kids understand their place in this world.

Go love the world

Dishfunctional Designs: Creative Uses for Old Maps. So many ideas! Love this one of sewing shapes made out of maps together - can see this on a travel scrapbook page! Must buy many old maps

love the world

painting white over the globe except for the letters. Like this for framed map with our initials or globe is really cute

World Peace Is In Our Hands

This image is two hands holding together to present the earth. The idea of this metaphors is showing the communication of ideas that we have now. the world is create by human, but also destroy by human if the hands stop holding each other.

earth and earth

New World Disorder: Emerging Division Between East And West Threatens To Plunge The Globe Into Chaos

FAO Big world map

FAO Schwarz Big World Map - FAO Schwarz - FELT MAP with pieces to label continents, countries, animals habitats, etc.



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Earth Earth Earth

See incredible images of Earth taken by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers from the International Space Station.


Black Friday 2014 Human Planet [Blu-ray] from PBS Cyber Monday

Blue Planet

Planet Earth is the most interesting and most comprehensive television documentary ever to be made and it was produced and largely financed by the BBC, who also

Global Education

Global Education Schools Network Program offers support for schools that seek to develop a significant global education focus in all Key Learning Areas.