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vintage peace sign ~ Peace page! famous peace quotes, lyrics to peace train by cat stevens, and imagine by john lennon.

can it happen?

My favorite organization, Peace One Day, which was designed to promote and accomplish an international cease-fire on Peace Day, September

Peace  #peace

"*PEACE* is always beautiful" ✌Peace Sign Art __ⓠ Walt Whitman

Mother Teresa

All that we need to know all the wisdom of the cosmos we will find in our own heart.

peace  #peace

Wallpaper and background photos of Cosmic Peace for fans of Peace & Love Revolution Club images.

i have a replica of this as a postcard.

The Vietnam war, one of the longest wars in history, and the longest American war in history finally ended


Street art Imagine Peace You may say I' m a dreamer but I' m not the only one John Lennon Tribute I don't know where this is.