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Michaela Korytiakova

Michaela Korytiakova
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how to do a simple soil test to see if your soil is alkaline or acidic for the type of plant you want to grow.

You can test your own soil! Take two separate cups and add your soil sample to each. In one add vinegar and the other add some water, stir and add baking soda. If nothing at all happens your soil is some what PH balanced.

Canadian Hemlock | Garden Plant Evergreen Trees | Chicago Garden Designers

Canadian Hemlock is an upright pyramidal shaped tree with drooping branches. Soft dark green needles remain all year.

Crochet over rope to create a firm basket (work it just like tapestry crochet, but 'carry' the rope instead of strands of yarn - easy!)

Crochet around rope or yarn to make rugs, baskets, trivets, etc. Faster than braided or sewn rag-rug method. From Creative Fidget. Great idea for a rug that's soft but has some weight

Planted TeePee!

And you can interplant with veggies on the wall too! I REALL LIKE THIS IDEA. Plant the seeds of a loofa goard and reap the benefits of loofah scrubbies and a beautiful teepee for the kids back yard camping.