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Michaela Saleh
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Michaela Saleh

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Some of This Some of That: It Feels... (good format for infant/toddler sensory and language activity)

Texture Eggs: Sensory Play and Language Activity

Texture Eggs: A sensory play and language activity

Sensory "play" for developing fine motor skills and letter/number familiarity eye/hand coordination - eye tracking and "copying." So good for so many skills! BRILLIANT!!!!

Prepositions of place.

Learning how to use prepositions of time in on at. This grammar lesson also shows examples of how to use in a sentence.

The best source of information I've found for asperger/high functioning autism.

Living Well With Autism - Social Stories - Hygeine, Grooming, puberty

Learning the basics of sewing - great for working on fine motor and bilateral coordination skills

fine motor work boxes several ideas