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Our apples - the best ones 👍


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two watercolor paintings of flowers on white paper with green stems and purple flowers in the middle
a pile of snow balls sitting in the middle of a yard
a white sculpture is in the snow
two crocheted flowers are sitting on a table next to a potted plant
a basket filled with lots of red apples on top of green grass next to leaves
Our apples - the best ones 👍
three wooden figures are hanging from strings on the wall, with tags attached to them
the sun shines brightly over a snowy field with trees and fence posts in the foreground
the sun is setting over an open field
an aerial view of the city and its rooftops, including red tiled roofs in europe
an old bridge spanning the width of a river
pink flowers are growing in a hanging pot on the side of a wooden wall,
red and white flowers sitting on top of a window sill covered in raindrops
a potted plant with pink flowers hanging from it's side