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an outdoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and palm trees in the background, surrounded by greenery
THIS is the inspiration for our future pool upgrade. I especially love the two-tone decking and the straight lines with offset interest will go great with our modern ranch design.
a woman laying on top of a wooden deck next to a pool with hammocks
Yasss! Lovely little overhanging deck. This design is not perfect but the concept is great!
the instagram page shows an image of a swimming pool and some trees in front of it
Salt water pool?
a man is swimming in a pool surrounded by greenery and rocks, while another person watches from the other side
Piscine à la Réunion
two people are swimming in a pool surrounded by palm trees and greenery, while another person is on the side of the pool
28 Das Piscinas mais Criativas do Mundo que você adoraria ter em sua casa.
Sei que estamos entrando na época de frio no Brasil, porém, para um país tropical como é o nosso, ter uma piscina em casa significa muita liberdade, confort #DiversionFamiliar
a person swimming in a pool surrounded by trees
on't want to leave this villa life 😭 #seminya