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a modern house with wooden deck and glass doors on the outside, surrounded by gravel
Ecoliv Sustainable Modular Homes
a modern house with large windows on the outside
Articles about modern mobile home dropped place crane on Dwell.com
the inside of a shipping container with wood flooring and walls in place for storage
Storage Container Homes Cabins 20+ Ideas For 2019
the small house is made out of wood and has a roof that matches it's shin
Residential & Smarthome | MODOM | Architecture & Design
an aerial view of three wooden buildings in the grass
Reiulf Ramstad Architects' cluster of micro cabins is a compelling exercise in rural architecture
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a small house, one with a loft
NG architects
two garages in the middle of a grassy field
Sweet loneliness
the house is made out of black wood and has large windows on each side, along with lots of greenery
Corridor House / SAA arquitectura + territorio