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Gustave Doré

Paul Gustave Doré, Paradise Lost - Michael Casts out all of the Fallen Angels (Date: 1866 - Illustration to Paradise Lost by John Milton - 'Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky'. (Book I))

Raphael Sadeler II, Saint Michael the Archangel, 1604

Raphael Sadeler II , “Saint Michael the Archangel”, Engraving, 1604 The Sadeler family were the largest, and probably the most successful of the dynasties of Flemish engravers that were dominant in Northern European printmaking in the later and.


You drained me off all my blood and injected me with poison. No love is not what races through my body it's anger hate and hurt so bad it shapes you to be truly evil and soulless. I like this new me down right soulless feels so damn good.