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LIVESTREAM: Nsio Super POV Practice WIP [OFFLINE] by Nsio on deviantART

I've been drawing some. questionable pose practices and started to wonder how the muscles actually go around the thighs. I haven't done much of anatom. Nsio Body Muscles of the Inner-thigh

Long, lean and beautiful.    nicerunningday:  Emma Coburn , London 2012 Olympics , Steeplechase

runningtothefinish: “ trainhardrunfast: “ bossfit: “ Emma Coburn - American middle distance runner and former United States National Champion. ” her leg muscles thoughhh.

Felix Pfeifer (1871-1954) - Der Kuss, 1890

Felix Pfeifer - Der Kuss, 1890 Maybe using classical statues or famous paintings manipulated and/or superimposed