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Daniela Michelčíková

Daniela Michelčíková
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Jorgine Boomer House. Phoenix, Arizona. 1953. Usonian Style. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Based on the title above, I wonder if anyone can enlighten me about the meaning of open plan that most of the people always associate with Frank Lloyd wright?


Fennell Residence in Portland, Oregon. By Robert Harvey Oshatz.This is a floating home down by Oaks Park right on the Willamette River. Check out the reflection. Photo must be from a boat.

With grace precision, go after the nourishment that lies deep within. Oakland Dreamwork Transpersonal Therapy: reneebeckmft.com

fox diving head first into snow to catch a mouse he heard! (I saw this show on PBS about winter in Yellowstone Park, USA)

artistloveworld, hugging-wildness: Snowy Fox | Igor Shpilenok

Red Fox by Igor Shpilenok- I love the little speckled of snow and how the red stands out against it