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a plant that is growing out of dirt with the words think big in front of it
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and christmas decorations
100 Easy-to-Make Christmas Decorations for Your Home
a movie poster for noel next door with a woman holding a pen and looking at the camera
Hallmark: Noel Next Door
a dvd cover for a movie called a godwink christmas with two women and a man
A Godwink Christmas (A Christmas Coincidenc) 2018
As Christmas approaches, Paula reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. When her Aunt Jane invites Paula to her Nantucket home, she bonds with a charming inn owner.
mini pie shells baked in the easy way
Mini Pie Shells - baked the EASY way
a man and woman standing on top of a red lighthouse with the words navigating christmas
Navigating Christmas (2023)
Recently divorced Melanie and her son Jason visit a remote island for Christmas, only to find themselves running a real working lighthouse where she connects with the curt but cute owner.
Chalk Couture Christmas Decor
Chalk Couture Gingerbread Baking Co.
Used the kit but changed colors; cherry, forest, nominee, camel.
an image with the words, when you say of the lord, you're my heart