Dragon girl

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Weird Fantastical Creatures

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Clanheart: Kitsune Tiger by chutkat on DeviantArt

No, it's not a fox tiger. xD I've been making some work for the past months for www.clanheart.com/ Pet designs, familiar designs, some items etc. This i... Clanheart: Kitsune Tiger

Godzilla KOTM Sketches, Taran Fiddler

Was inspired a little while ago after seeing the new Godzilla movie, and decided to do some sketches of the main four monsters! Lots of liberties were taken with these, but the one of King Gidorah was inspired in part by Ken Barthelmey’s awesome concepts.

Media Tweets by Kekai Kotaki (@KekaiKotaki)

The latest media Tweets from Kekai Kotaki (@KekaiKotaki). a new year. Seattle, WA USA

Cat Art

New Mutant Monday Series Two #102 - Voltapume — d-Infinity

Found in any temperate location, these creatures are not in fact the descendants of big cats, instead they are the mutant offspring of generations of domesticated house cats which managed to survive in the wastelands. It is understandable however to see why they would be mistaken for the large pre

Peacat by Michelle Spalding

This is my depiction of the elusive fantasy creature, the peacat.

CMC as the Caramella Kawaii Girls by mysticalpha on DeviantArt

patreon.com/mysticalpha discord.gg/wyGz8Fw CMC as the Caramella Kawaii Girls

i love you, callum

"say the word and i'll go back into that tower with you." rayllum and tdp sideblog; first poster in...